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What can CAT do for you?

Holistic and Proactive Cyber Protection

Seamless Integration

ensure constant communication and collaboration between teams without interuption

User Centric Design and Implementation

cybersecurity that does not get in the way of daily operations and identifies threats before they interfere with your mission

Economies of Scale

reallocate crucial funds to your mission - special CATsecure and CATCloudScan bundled pricing to maximize value

CAT Innovation

constant adaptation and improvement to evolve CATsecure and CATCloudScan as cyberattacks continue to grow in sophistication and volume

Why Do You Need CATCloudScan?

Microsoft is constantly releasing new updates and features. These come with new security risks and default configurations that do not meet most enterprise security expectations.

As shown in recent attacks, misconfigurations in M365 are often the channels through which unauthorized use of identities and access to data occurs without alerting security teams. (CHANGE TO BULLETS)

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Concerning Trends

  • Number and scope of cyber attacks continue to rise sharply, with devastating effects across industries

  • FireEye, SolarWinds, Dark Halo (Russian), Hafnium (Chinese)

  • New classes of cyber cloud attacks tied to Microsoft 365 vulnerabilities

  • Evolving intrusions of M365 developed from sophisticated state-sponsored attacks such as Dark Halo

  • Recent compromise of Microsoft Power Apps showing continuing targeting of M365

  • Continued releases of more M365 applications every month requires more effort to secure


  • Avg breach cost: $3.9 million and rising

  • Attacks occurring every 11 seconds 

  • review strategic plan - include data on concerns they hint at in SP

Our Solution

  • A superior vulnerability assessment tool for Microsoft 365 applications

  • Expert remediation advice providing a project plan to mitigate risk and enhance security

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Why Do You Need CATsecure?

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