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DATA 101: Use Google Analytics & FB Ads to Market Like a Pro

At Computer Access Technologies, LLC, we love, love, love to help small businesses combine their web analytics and marketing efforts. That’s why we were SO excited to hear from High Rise Coffee Roasters, a small batch, family owned and operated coffee roaster located in Colorado Springs, CO. High Rise Coffee Roasters has a brick and mortar store, as well as an online store catering to the continental US.

Being a small store, High Rise Coffee Roasters has a very tight budget for marketing and outreach. This means we’ll have to maximize resources to get the best return on High Rise’s marketing dollars.

So, let’s get started….

High Rise Coffee Roaster’s focus: Specialty coffees from around the world.

High Rise Coffee Roaster’s newest product: 3, 6, 9, or 12 month mail-order coffee subscriptions. This product is geared toward online customers.

The goal for this High Rise Coffee Marketing Project: Reach the largest amount of potential customers we can at the lowest possible cost.

The pathway to success: Combine Free Google Analytics with Facebook Ads

Google Analytics is a valuable –and free- tool we don’t feel gets the attention it deserves. It’s a great way for small business owners to begin to harness the power, and incredible value, of good business intelligence. Among many other features we don’t have time to get into today, Google Analytics allows the web administrator to see how website traffic is being referred[1] to your site (how many site visitors are coming from Facebook, organic searches, email campaigns, etc.?), where visitors are physically located, what content they’re viewing, and other generalities associated with internet behavior of website visitors. Further, when we combine the intelligence gathered from Google Analytics with Facebook’s advertising platform, we can leverage Google’s valuable data to build a customer profile and then market specifically to that customer.

Step 1 – Use Google Analytics to get a deeper understanding of High Rise’s current customer-base:

We asked: How much traffic is coming to High Rise Coffee’s website,

The chart below references website traffic for from Jan. 1st, 2019 through May 20th, 2019 – we recommend exploring and comparing traffic and visitor behaviors from both extended and shortened time periods.

High Rise Coffee online is only available to be shipped in the continental US, so we focused only on visitors –and buyers- in the continental United States. This helped us narrow down our ‘target locations’ and focus precious ad dollars…

The chart below reveals the majority of High Rise web visitors and purchases come from Colorado, AZ and D.C.

Next, we took investigated the general age and gender of High Rise’s website visitors as well as their propensity to purchase products from the website.

… We found 58.6% of High Rise Coffee's online coffee sales are made to men…

…and that male website visitors come in all ages:

We found the same for female website visitors (see chart below)– However, it appears coffee is not a popular product for purchase by women between the age of 35 and 44. Good to know….

Step 2 –Use Google Analytics to get a deeper understanding of who High Rise Coffees current site visitors are and what they are interested in …This helps us determine ad placement.

The chart below reveals many High Rise website visitors –and buyers- are employed in the banking and finance industry or similar business professions, are into keeping good health and maintaining good fitness, like to travel, enjoy cultural activities, etc…

We also found many High Rise website visitors and customers are currently planning travel, looking for employment, and/or interested in productivity and financial services. This information will be helpful in defining the target market

STEP 3: Open Facebook Ad Manager…Pick your message/image and create your ad:

As discussed above, High Rise Coffee Roasters is interested in promoting their monthly coffee subscriptions. They’ve created a Facebook ad complete with a link back to their “subscriptions” page.

Below is the Facebook ad constructed by High Rise Coffee Roasters.

STEP 4 - Choose your ad placement– based on information gathered from Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells us the majority of online High Rise Coffee customers come from the states listed below, so these are the locations we’ve picked to target ads….

High Rise Coffee chose a short duration (3 days) and a very limited budget ($60 total) as shown above. They also chose a very specific target audience -based on analytics- as shown below…

It’s important to be creative when choosing your target market in Facebook…

We know a lot of online customers are travel buffs; as a result, we’re looking to reach people identified as international travelers, people looking for hotel deals, air travel, resort deals, etc.

Step 5 - After the ad has completed its run, review all available analytics for performance indicators

Looks like we did pretty well with our targeted marketing. We can use Google Analytics to check our performance, and/or we can cross check our analytics data with the analytics tools built into the website. In High Rise Coffee’s case, we can look at the analytics built into their basic Shopify plan.

We’ve discovered that although most small business professionals maintain an online presence through the use of a website and social media, most don’t realize the value of learning the inner structure of their website and social media posts to see whether or not they are accomplishing their purpose.

If you’re interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our contact info is available below:

Shannon Anderson