• Jason Goodin

Introducing... CAT LOGISTIX

Computer Access Technologies, LLC (CAT, LLC) announces a new robust tracking platform called CAT LOGISTIX that offers non-cellular based GPS tracking with global coverage: urban, remote and mountainous. Our Satellite based solution tracks where cellular can’t. Developed for industries such as cannabis delivery, transport/trucking, heavy equipment tracking and maritime applications, the platform is easy to implement, affordable and able to meet regulatory requirements established by governing agencies.

The new division under CAT, LLC - CAT LOGISTIX( is immediately available in states where medical and recreational marijuana delivery has been implemented, subject to local jurisdictions.

Tracking and location monitoring are required for various purposes in marijuana industry: regulatory compliance, safety, security, law enforcement support, and supply chain logistics. The dominant tracking and location monitoring hardware and software providers for the industry use capabilities that are dependent on cellular and/or Wi-Fi coverage. These devices either receive GPS signals to calculate geolocation, use cell signal triangulation, or use WiFi access locations to calculate the geolocation. They then transmit the location of the tracking device via a cellular or WiFi signal. In rural and mountainous areas, these devices are inadequate based on the inherent struggles of the commercially provided infrastructure. Even if they can operate at some limited functionality, the geolocation error rate is high with significant time gaps in location reporting. This provides significant opportunities for criminal activity, hijacking, theft, and black/gray market activity.

The CAT LOGISTIX solution uses satellite-based communication to ensure real-time tracking without reliance on cellular based networks. Along with general geo-location and tracking information, CAT LOGISTIX facilitates a variety of general automated alert features such as: movement start/stop alert, tracking device powered off alert, route deviations. If you’ve been hesitant about implementing delivery due to regulatory concerns, contact us to help you navigate compliance for your area.

The mission of Computer Access Technologies, LLC (CAT, LLC) is to solve complex problems, enable proactive insights and provide real solutions that add value and insight through data analytics and innovative use of new technologies. CAT specializes in advanced analytics, data collection and mining. Our analytics have backgrounds in enterprise-wide counterintelligence risk and threat assessments for criminal exploitation, theft, fraud and insider threats.

For inquiries and partner opportunities see our website at or contact: Jason Goodin Director of Business Development – CAT LOGISTIX 720-275-4455